FInd the Best Talent


Easy, Fast, and Secure Talent Acquisition: Step by Step

  • Post

    Provide accurate information about your job so that applicants can find it easily and click ``Post Job`` for candidates to apply.

  • FIND

    Track candidates and manage the applications to find the right candidate for the job without spending too much time or effort.

  • HIRE

    Use advanced filtering options to narrow down your search, reach out to candidates, schedule interviews, and make the right decision.



How can Hiver help you succeed more quickly and effectively?

Applicant Tracking System

Track the progress of each application, sort them, and respond, whether it is to accept, reject, or request more information.

Helpful Resources

Learn how to find the best match through blog articles and videos with general tips and advice on how to get the most out of Hiver.

Recruiting Analytics

Gain access to recruiting metrics, such as the number of applicants and time-to-hire, and apply insights to enhance performance.


Make an informed decision when choosing a candidate and ensure that it’s the right fit by analysing the feedback from previous employers.

Interview Scheduling

Send out automated emails to candidates, reschedule appointments, and manage the entire interview process from the account.


Contact our team of dedicated professionals to troubleshoot any issues and get answers to any questions or concerns you may have.

Yes, Hiver provides resources to help employers with their recruitment strategies. Our “Helpful Tips” section offers a range of articles and advice to employers about effective recruiting techniques. We cover areas such as how to write a great job ad, how to assess candidates, and how to use social media to attract the best talent.

Nothing, the platform is absolutely FREE to use. All you need to do is register an account, fill in your profile and post as many jobs as you want. Additionally, you get to use our entire hiring ecosystem for free including an applicant tracking system, up to date candidate database and all our communication tools.

First, create an account and log in with your credentials. Next, click on the “Post a Job” button on the main page and fill out all of the required job details. Once you’re finished, click “Post” and your job will be live and available to potential candidates. You can also check on and change your job postings whenever you want.

Yes, Hiver has a tracking system in place that allows you to easily manage applicants and communicate with them. This system is free to use and makes it easy to view and manage applicant information, send job offers quickly, and keep track of which ones are accepted and which ones are turned down.

Yes, absolutely. Hiver offers a powerful filtering tool to help you quickly identify and eliminate unqualified candidates. This tool allows you to search and filter applications by a variety of criteria, such as job experience, education level, and skill set. This makes sure that you only consider the best and most qualified candidates for the job.

Yes, Hiver does offer advice and guidance on writing effective job postings. We have a comprehensive library of resources to help employers create job postings that attract the best candidates. We also provide a step-by-step guide on how to write an effective job posting, as well as a list of dos and don’ts to ensure your job posting reaches its full potential.

Job postings on Hiver are verified by our team to ensure they are legitimate. We also ask you to be transparent in the job postings and include as much information as possible, including job responsibilities and contact information, only post job openings that are actively hiring, and to be clear about the hiring timeline. We care about your safety and want to make sure that your job search is safe and secure.

Yes, absolutely! We offer a range of tools to help you track the performance of jobs posted. Our job analytics dashboard allows you to track the number of applications, clicks, and impressions your job posts receive. You can also see the sources of your job views, such as organic search, sponsored ads, and referrals. This data can be used to help you optimise your job postings for the best results.

Yes, our team is available to assist with any technical issues that may arise. We are also able to provide detailed advice on how to set up job postings, manage applications, and use the job board’s features. Our support team is always on hand to answer any questions and ensure employers get the most out of Hiver.


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