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Is naturally semi-sweet red wine made from the Saperavi grape variety. It is of dark-pomegranate color and has harmonious velvety taste with chocolate flavor. It contains 12,5% alcohol.

Alazani Valley Red

Is medium sweet red wine manufactured from the grapes of Saperavi, grown in Alazani Valley in Kakheti. The wine has red color and full velvety taste. Alcohol 12.5%


Is one of the most famous Georgian wine. It is made from grapes of Saperavi, cultivated in Kakheti, in the protected micro-zone of Kindzmarauli. It has strong sorted bouquet and aroma together with velvety and harmonious taste. Taste with cheese, vegetables and sea food. Alcohol 12,5%.


Is made from Saperavi grape variety cultivated in Kakheti in Mukuzani micro region, where the winemaking tradition stretches back to antiquity. Mukuzani is the color of dark ruby, with fine fruity bouquet and full, fresh and harmonious taste. It has been manufactured since 1888. It contains 13% Alcohol.


Is dry red wine, is made from Saperavi grape variety which is cultivated in Kakheti, East Georgia. The wine has specific taste, well developed tones and sorted bouquet. Saperavi is rich with dark pomegranate color. Alcohol 13%.